Grange operate a Nisbau Euromix 120 Mobile Concrete Plant. The plant is currently in use as a static plant serving the Stewartry area of Dumfries and Galloway. The plant purchased in 2015 has previously served major windfarm and flooring projects in various site locations

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The full specification of the plant is copied below and you can download a brochure here 

Nisbau Concrete Plant Spec HOT


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The Euromix 120 Mobile Batching Plant

Twin-shaft Batch Mixer 3.0

A robust and efficient dual-shaft batch mixer is deployed in this mixer. The special feature of this size is the slim design despite the increase in volume by 20%,Thanks to the new capacity and reinforced drive systems, the new mixer is able to output 3 m³ of hardened concrete per batch.

The total output capacity of the system thus increases to 120 m³/hour

Even large-sized projects with daily production requirements of 800 m³ are no longer a challenge with this mixer system

Overall, it is a robust system that is capable of handling difficult boundary conditions and continuous load effortlessly

Theoretical output ca. 120 m³/h
Output of compacted concrete of mixer/batch ca. 3 m³
Total content of aggregates in linear silo 4 × 30 m³
Filling capacity of aggregate scales ca. 6 m³
Filling capacity of cement scales ca. 2,5 m³
Filling capacity of water scales ca. 0,85 m³
Filling capacity of additive scales
Overall capacity of integrated water reservoir 4 m³
Total area required (L×W) including ramp ca. 16 m × 30 m
Total work height ca. 9,00 m
Concrete discharge height ca. 4,10 m
Transport measures plant (L×W×H)
Part A
Part B
ca. 13,35 m × 2,55 m × 4,00 m
ca. 13,60 m × 2,55 m × 4,00 m
Transport weight per unit max 24.000 kg
Maximum number of cement silos 6
Operating voltage 400 V 50Hz
Control voltage 24 V DC
Required connection value of basic machine 220 kW


Terms and Conditions

Opening Times

Mon-Fri: 0700-1700

Sat:        0700-1200


Concrete Society

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Grange are members of the Concrete Society
We support the aims and objectives of the society in all aspects of our supply

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