During 2017 Grange continued the now established relationship with Stobart Group Ltd by supplying high quality PQ concrete for the new taxiways at London Southend Airport

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Grange supplied the concrete through a high quality twin shaft mobile concrete plant capable of batching up to 60m3 per hour. The plant was on hire from RSD Concrete ltd and the project was completed without any hitches.

There were two forms of specialised concrete being supplied.

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1) Pavement Quality concrete which serves as the surface course for the taxiways, supplied to Ministry of Defence specification 33(MOD33). This is supplied at very low workability of around 20 to 40 slump with the added requirement of 5% air, air entrainment in concrete this low is not usually an easy task but with the assistance of BASF and their design laboratory we have been able to design a mix which is meeting all the requirements successfully. This is providing stable rips of horizontal slipform concrete

2) Cement Bound Granular Material (CBGM), which serves as a sub-strata for the PQ concrete. Again a mix has been developed with the assistance of BASF. This one involves the calculation of an optimum moisture content for the granular material and the requirement to then adjust moisture addition for each batch to ensure the most stable base on which to place the PQ concrete

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Below you can see a gallery of pictures taken in early April 2017 showing the early stages of the job



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