The videos below shows how the washing process of our Kelhead aggregate is a self contained and eco-friendly system

The first video opens up showing the ever growing family of ducks which breed on the settlement pond Grange have created to feed the quarry wash plant which produces and grades the aggregates into high quality product for the construction industry.
By introducing a flocculant into the heavily silted wash water returning to the system from the quarry wash plant the silt settles out of the washings and sinks to the bottom of the settlement pond. This leaves clean water in the settlement pond which serves as both a safe environment for the resident wild fowl and a feed supply of water which is then used to once again wash the aggregates through the quarry wash plant.

The wash system is therefore a fully self contained system of fresh clean water using the on site resources to the full.
Natural rainfall provides a top up for the settlement pond in times of heavy use and equally spring water which is pumped out of the quarry on a regular basis in order to keep the quarry rock exposed can be diverted via the main pump to the settlement pond, the pump can be seen as the video footage moves away from the dammed settlement area towards the primary crushing process.
In this primary crushing area you can see the Cat 352 Hydraulic Excavator loading raw blast material into the primary crusher. The crusher is a Metso – LT1415 which is of impactor type. The purpose of this type of crushing is to improve the overall shape of the final product. Impact crusher produces a more rounded crushed aggregate.

In the final stages of this video you can see the output of crushed material from the primary crusher which is then loaded into the Cat 725 articulated dumper using Cat 980 loading shovel. The material is then transferred to stockpiles and used to feed the wash plant itself. The wash plant process and its resulting final product can be seen in the second video below

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